Elinor Jones

Elinor Jones

Elinor Jones writes the gossip column, THE TRASH REPORT, as well as movie reviews, and dinosaur stuff. She likes your lipstick.

The Trash Report Sep 19 10:00 AM

Scintillating Gossip About the Royal Queue, Important Trains, Dildo Trucks, and Purr Machines

Find all this and more (including "What Does Grimes Have to Say") in this week's edition of THE TRASH REPORT.

The Trash Report Sep 12 10:00 AM

The Queen is Dead. Long Live the Boy Meets World.

Toot! Toot! All aboard this week's edition of THE TRASH REPORT gossip train!

The Trash Report Sep 5 10:00 AM

Gorbachev is Gone, Chick-Fil-A is Coming to Town, and (Oh, Great) Volcanoes are on Fire Now.

Welcome to THE TRASH REPORT, featuring all the trashiest news and gossip—and its been a VERY messy week!

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The Trash Report Aug 29 10:00 AM

We Like Joe Biden and Metallica; We Don't Like Kevin McCarthy; We're Not Sure About Virgos

Let's dig in to the latest national and local news and gossip... with THE TRASH REPORT!

The Trash Report Aug 22 10:00 AM

Manchin Likes Pens, Fetterman Likes Vegetables, The Taylors like Taylors, and... Moths

C'mon, Trash Lovers! Let's Dive Into Another Week of Delicious Gossip with THE TRASH REPORT.

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The Trash Report Aug 8 10:00 AM

Sensitive Boys, Dancing Pigs (Maybe?!) and Feral Cat Colonies

This and More Hot Goss in this Week's Edition of THE TRASH REPORT!

The Trash Report Aug 1 10:00 AM

A Pastor Robbed, Taylor Pollutes, and William Pegged

All that and a lot more gossip in this week's TRASH REPORT!

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Music Jul 14 1:12 PM

Air You Ready to Rock?

US Air Guitar Nationals Brings the Thunder (But No Instruments)